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Brooke County, Already Short on Deputies, Gets $400,000 Regional Jail Bill

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Brooke County - A local county that has struggled with its budget for years is now being forced to pay a $400,000 regional jail bill.

Brooke County officials, on the other hand, said it's money that could go towards protecting the public.

Brooke County Commission President Tim Ennis says instead of paying a regional jail bill that's a sixth of their budget, that money should be used to hire more deputies and dispatchers at a time when they need it the most.

Right now, the sheriff's office is operating with a 14 man crew including the sheriff.

Ennis said, "The sheriff's office doesn't have the money to hire enough deputies to properly maintain the staff and we can't keep operating the way we've been operating now."

of the residents we spoke to said the sheriff's department could certainly use more deputies. Right now, the county is sending certain offenders to various programs like drug court and home confinement, to keep from sending them to the regional jail in order to keep costs down.
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