11-Year-Old Weirton Boy Making Broadway Debut in New York City


You may not be able to tell, but 11-year-old Eli Tokash has had no formal acting training, it's all raw talent.

He's been in numerous plays around the country and in just one month, Eli will be making his Broadway debut. He will begin his journey on Friday when he leaves for five months to play Theo in Pippin in New York City.

Eli is already known as a celebrity in Weirton and has an IMDb page. He said it all began when he went to watch his sister perform at her first play. He then attended summer camps at Pittsburgh CLO. After that, his first gig was playing "Tiny Tim" in a Christmas Carol when he was only 6. From there on out, he starred in numerous plays, commercials and even movies like Blood Ties and Super 8. Dr. Eli and Sharon Dragisich, Eli's grandparents, said "Every time I watch him on stage I start crying, I mean, they're tears of joy."

It wasn't a tough decision for Eli to decide to move to New York City, but it was definitely a bittersweet one, both for him and his grandparents. Eli said, "That last week of school, I was like I didn't want to talk to anyone because I was so sad that I had to leave them and stuff, because I've lived here my whole life and all my friends are here." Meanwhile, Eli's family and friends say they plan on going up to New York to see him perform every weekend they can.

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