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INTERVIEW: Defense Attorney Discusses Verdict in Wheeling Jesuit Student's Death

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WHEELING - Just days after the verdict in the trial regarding the death of a Wheeling Jesuit student, Craig Tyler Peacock's defense attorney, Robert McCoid, sat down to discuss the case.

McCoid said he is not surprised with how fast the jury returned their not guilty verdict on Friday afternoon after they heard the facts of the case, and said he is most grateful for the use of the jury system in these types of cases. He said he believes justice was served: "The jury system is one of the greatest institutions in this country, it is a bullwork of our democracy, and we are so grateful that this jury came forward and gave great service for a full week and a justice obtained." 

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McCoid said while he completely disagrees with the charges his client faced, he is very pleased with the outcome of the trial. He said a wide net was cast when it came to looking for jurors in the trial, and out of the 75 who showed up for questionnaires, most had heard of the case. "Some had actually concluded based upon what they knew of the case from media outlets that they concluded Mr. Peacock was guilty but, however, they also pledged in many respects to set aside what they had heard or read or seen and just evaluate the case based upon the four corners of the evidence they heard inside the courtroom."

He called the fight in the early morning hours a tragic event for all parties involved, and said his client, Craig Tyler Peacock is sorry for what unfolded. McCoid said, "Regrettably, Tyler Peacock has to live with knowing the consequences of what happened that night. And certainly everyone, himself included, bears some responsibility for how this all unfolded. That doesn't mean criminal responsibility, but on a moral level, some responsibility for what happened."  

McCoid concluded the interview by saying there are always two sides to every case and he's glad the jury in this one was engaged - paid attention to the evidence and worked very hard to reach their verdict.

Since that the case has concluded, Craig Tyler Peacock is back in Florida with his family.

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