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Belmont County Man Facing Potential Charges After Shooting Himself in Leg

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REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio - A Belmont County man recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg may soon face charges for firing that shot.

It started on Saturday night, when the hospital called the sheriff, which is mandatory when they get a patient with a gunshot wound. Normally, someone would not be charged with a crime for shooting himself, but the sheriff's department said this is an exception.

A 24-year-old Reynoldsburg, Ohio man is in East Ohio Regional Hospital with a wound to the thigh. He and a friend had been target-practicing in a wooded area outside Belmont. But, police said there were other factors involved. "It was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, what he said. But because of the circumstances - alcohol and possibly drugs involved - this is what we look at and we take it very serious. No different than alcohol don't go with driving, alcohol and drugs don't go with firearms," said Sheriff Dave Lucas.

The shot was reportedly close to the femural artery in the thigh. Sheriff Lucas recommends the man be charged with using a firearm under a disability.

In this case, Lucas said, the disability was being under the influence. The shooting was an accident, but apparently one that was avoidable.

The man is still in the hospital recovering.

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