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Moundsville Police Search for Suspect in Home Invasion

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The Moundsville Police Department is searching for the suspect who forced his way into a Center Street home after asking to use the resident’s telephone.

Police report the resident came to the department on Thursday and said a man came into his residence the night prior and tried to take his wallet. He said sometime around 9:30 and 10 p.m., a white male with a black goatee, wearing black pants, a black shirt, black gloves, and either a black hat or black hood knocked on his back door at 2011 Center Street. The resident described the male as approximately 6' tall with a medium build between 25-30 years old.

The resident told police he opened the door and the male asked to use his telephone. As the resident turned around and walked toward the living room to get the cordless telephone, the man followed him inside. The resident picked up the telephone and turned it on, at which point the suspect said, "don't do that.”

The resident said the suspect then took the telephone from him and asked, "Where is your wallet?” to which the resident responded that he did not have a wallet and ordered the man out of his house. The suspect then walked to the front door as the resident gave him a slight shove out the door. He then shut and locked the front door.

The resident said he then walked back to the rear door to lock it and discovered the suspect had walked around to that door. The resident attempted to shut the door before the suspect could re-enter but the man pushed on the door and overpowered him. The resident fell to the floor and the suspect offered to help him up. The resident refused any help from the suspect, who then said, "I won't leave until I get you up.”

The suspect then picked him up by placing his hands around his waist from behind. Once the resident was standing, the suspect showed the resident the door was locked and shut the door.

The resident said he then attempted to contact police but did not have a working telephone. He told police he sat in his living room throughout the night until daylight when he felt safe enough to leave the residence to contact police.

Cpl. Schrack of the Moundsville Police Department proceeded to the Center Street home with the resident after gathering the information where he discovered a telephone line that leads from the service box on the eastern side of the residence was cut and the telephone was checked to verify it was not serviceable.

Anyone with information is asked to call the WTRF Lauttamus Security Crime Fighters tip line at 1-800-223-0312.

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