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Hunt for Heroin: Special task force targets dangerous drug

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 Heroin is quickly becoming Kanawha County's number one drug of choice. Police say you can find it all over the county, in almost every neighborhood.

“Everybody is out right now buying heroin,” said Charleston Police Department Sgt. Bobby Eggleton.

Eggleton is in charge of the Charleston Police Department’s Special Enforcement Unit. Every night he and his undercover officers hit the streets of Charleston looking for Heroin.

“When we were doing marijuana, crack, pills we would do two and three buys a night. Seven to nine [buys in one day] that’s pretty serious,” Eggleton said.

To combat this growing problem, the Kanawha County Commission announced the HEAT effort. It stands for a ‘Heroin Eradication Associated Taskforce’ and the purpose is to take heroin off the streets in the county.

“There are people out here who everyone is working with, working beside that are using heroin,” said Eggleton.

The county has taken $250,000 from it’s Public Safety Grant and split up the money among the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department, the County Prosecutor’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s office, the county ambulance authority and city police departments.

The money is used to pay for overtime and finance undercover buys, which is marked and tracked.

“I don't know if we'll win it but we're going to try like heck to throw it out of Kanawha County,” said Eggleton.

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