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Belmont County Can Tear Down Dilapidated Buildings Through 'Land Bank' Program

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Belmont County's newly-formed 'land bank' is getting underway in an attempt to take control of dilapidated structures.

The land bank is a non-profit organization made up of two county commissioners, the county treasurer, one mayor and one township trustee. Commissioner Ginny Favede says blighted homes are a problem all over the county, and this is a way to clear the landscape and make way for a better use for that land.

Through the Land Bank, the county can take the title of dilapidated structures that have been foreclosed upon.

Favede is working on a $500,000 grant application to help with the project, and said the Land Bank can take title of foreclosed homes without having to pay the back taxes. They tear them down, beautify the property and sell it to more responsible owners, using the proceeds to continue tearing down other blighted buildings.

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