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Man Questioned Over Attempted Alleged Abduction Attempt on Wheeling Island

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An Ohio Valley resident chased down a man many claim was attempting to lure a child into an abandoned house on Tuesday night.

It happened on Tuesday night around 7:30 when police were dispatched to the area of the Burger King on Wheeling Island after a reported attempted child abduction.

Resident William Bender chased the man in his bare feet down the street to the Burger King. He said the man ran after he heard someone was going to call police. "He took off running from the parking lot," Bender said. "I took off chasing him to Burger King. He came into the Burger King, went into through the side door, and tried to exit out this door here. The police had pulled up just whenever he made it out to the drive through."

Carla Daniels, the child's grandmother, claimed that a young, college-aged man attempted to lure her granddaughter into an abandoned house.  She said, "My granddaughter lives in Glen Dale. She's not used to this 'fast city life.' In Glen Dale, it's pretty quiet; and then to come up here and have something like this happen on the Island, I remember, this happened to a girl a while back. One of her little friends was sexually assaulted. So that's why I was so leery. When she said that the guy tried to get her in an abandoned house, I know that this has happened in the past in Wheeling, and I'm going to be certain it doesn't happen to my granddaughter."

Daniels also said her initial efforts to get through to the Wheeling Police Department failed, and she ended up calling Ohio County 911.

Wheeling police officers, along with several West Virginia State Police troopers, questioned the man for about 20 minutes. They let him go after they collected his contact information. As of Tuesday night, he is being cited for peddling makeup without a license.

The police reports will go to the Ohio County Prosecutor's Office, which will determine if further charges will come from the case.

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