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Local Emergency Personnel Attend Concussion Management Training

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The issues surrounding concussions in contact sports is making national headlines and Wednesday night in Steubenville, officials with the Trinity Sports Medicine and Performance Center hosted a training session.

The purpose of the session was to help first responders learn what concussion symptoms look like when they are on the sidelines at local sporting events and how to properly help someone who may have sustained a concussion.

"Now he would know how to address it and talk to the athlete and talk to the referee and the coach and kind of, at least could do a cursory assessment to make sure this person can play or may not be able to play," said Dr. Michael Scarpone, Director of Sports Medicine at Trinity.

Scarpone also said one thing that often leads to additional brain trauma after a concussion is a player returning to sport activity too quickly, not allowing the brain injury to heal or subside.

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