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Letter to the Editor: Common Core is bad news for West Virginians

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If something is not done soon, the vast majority of American kindergarten-12th grade school children will be taught using dubious, federally backed national education “standards” that have come under fire from across the political spectrum. America’s kids, as well as their parents, will also be monitored and tracked in unprecedented ways from early childhood into the workforce. Opposition is growing by leaps and bounds, but West Virginia legislators refuse to listen.

With the federal government handing out massive grants only to state governments that comply with the standards, known as “Common Core,” West Virginia was the first to sign up.

My concern with the Common Core is twofold; first is that the success of homeschooling shows that kids do best when parents are in control of educational decisions.

Secondly, Common Core is copyrighted; it cannot be altered by anyone other than the owners. We the people aren’t the owners. Common Core centralizes what kids are taught, how they are taught and what they should learn completely cutting out parents, teachers, and local school boards. Parents will be left with no options to prevent it.

Common Core is the final step in the decades-old process of nationalizing education — a long-time goal of virtually every totalitarian regime in recent history. With the minds of the youth and the future of America at stake, it is time to turn the tide and get government out of the way. With the groundswell of opposition continuing to expand, it is certainly possible. A good place to start is with our local state delegates and senators. Their actions should determine their future in politics. Their and/or your failure to act will certainly have a negative impact on the future of your children.

Jim Hinebaugh

Maysville, WV

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