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Wheeling Police Cracking Down on Stop Sign, Red Light Violators

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WHEELING - It's an initiative the Wheeling Police take on every year to crack down on drivers who don't properly obey stops signs and traffic signals.

The program is called "Target Red," and is a statewide campaign that began in 2008 in Beckley. It all began after an elderly woman was going home after Choir practice one October evening and a driver went through a stop sign crashing into the woman's driver side door. The woman suffered  life-threatening injuries and was in a coma for several months.

The incident sparked the interest of law enforcement across the Mountain State and marked the beginning of the campaign.

"We would just ask motorists to please make complete stops at the stop signs, take your time in the intersections, just because the light turns green doesn't mean that you have to immediately travel through the intersection. It's okay to take one or two second, look to your left look to your right and clear that intersection before you go through," said Wheeling Police Cpl. Neil Fowkes.

48 law enforcement agencies throughout West Virginia put in a combined total of nearly 5,000 hours during the two-week campaign, which runs through Sunday.

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