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Benwood Council Weighs Future of Bus Service

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On Monday night, Benwood City Council held a meeting and deliberated on the future of bus service.

Council members agreed, by unanimous vote, to put a five-percent levy for mass transit on November's ballot. Much of their discussion centered on the cost of the service to residents, and how Ohio County's Commission needed to financially support bus routes to The Highlands. 

Benwood's mayor says the council simply is trying to do what residents have wanted them to do. Mayor Ed Kuca said, "They feel that they're paying enough tax money now. And, they talked to the council members - and council members decided that they didn't need the 15-percent. Five percent would be plenty."

Benwood's bus levy requires a second reading before council before it goes on the November ballot. The current bus levy expires on June 30 of 2015.

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