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Jefferson County Resident Says Sewer Project Ruined Her Front Yard

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She's been a resident of Jefferson County for over 43 years, but a says recent sewage construction project ruined her yard and made it dangerous for her to mow.

Now, she's asking local authorities if they can restore it to its previous condition.

Bloomingdale resident Frances McIntyre says a construction project back in 2012 caused her yard to have a large dip in it - so large that when she was riding her lawn mower,  the steepness caused the mower to flip and roll over on her.

Now, she just has a few ideas about how this can be made better. "I want a catch basin and culvert extended from my neighbor's yard to mine, and then on the other, like a culvert and dirt filled in so the dip wouldn't be so deep," said McIntyre.

Meanwhile, Jefferson County Commissioner Thomas Graham said, "The engineering firm that designed it did their final inspection, they said the yard is fine. The contractor said they're done with the yard, the township trustees say they don't want a culvert in there where she wants one."

Graham added that their hands are tied, and the pictures he's seen of her yard do not show much of an problem; but, she has the right to take legal action if she wishes to and Graham said they are prepared for that possible outcome.
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