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Steubenville Councilman Makes Statement Regarding Richmond Returning to Football Team

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STEUBENVILLE - A statement has been made by a city official in a community plagued with national and international media attention stemming from an infamous rape case.

At a Steubenville city council meeting last week, resident Mark Nelson asked council to draft a statement about Ma'Lik Richmond returning to the football team following Richmond being convicted of rape.

On Tuesday night, that statement was made by Councilman-at-Large, Kenneth Davis. Davis said he came to a decision after consulting with his fellow council members. He said, "This is not the decision for this council or administration, but as a lifelong Catholic and what I consider myself as a pretty good Christian guy, I ask all of you that are against this to think of your reaction."

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Davis said Richmond has apologized and done exactly what the court has asked, and added Richmond should be put in a structured environment so that he can try to improve his life.

Davis said council has worked tirelessly for the past seven to eight months to change the ordinances to improve the image of the city caused by various things, including the rape case.

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