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Belmont County Animal Shelter Director Says Facebook Page Causing Problems for Organization

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ST. CLAIRSVILLE - A Facebook page targeted at the Belmont County Animal Shelter has the executive director of the organization speaking out.

The page is called "Stop the Killing at the Belmont County Animal Rescue League," and BCARL officials claim administrators and members of the page are piecing together different bits of information, that aren't true, to draw in more followers.

Executive Director of the Belmont County Animal Shelter, Angela Hatfield, said the page is having some damaging affects on the organizations reputation. "The impact of the hate site, by asking people not to donate is significant. The lies that are continually told on that site, people believe that's happening here. People believe we're killing animals, they believe we're stealing money, they're going so far as to threaten some of the employees to say they should be shot or be euthanized," Hatfield said.

According to officials with the organization, they said they are virtually a no-kill shelter, the exception involves animals plagued by fatal diseases.

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