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Benwood Community Comes Together to Support Young Girl Recovering From Surgery

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14-year-old Aubree Williams survived a car accident early this month on Taylors Ridge after undergoing life-saving surgery at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

On Sunday, the Benwood community came together to support Aubree with a spaghetti dinner fundraiser as she recovers from her injuries.

Aubree needed a transection of the pancreas, had her spleen removed, received lacerations to her pelvis and still has liver and kidney damage.

Her mother says seeing her friends and family is helping her recover faster.

"Just to make her feel good, this is really helping her to see people and getting out of that block she was in. I'll tell you, there isn't a better feeling, Benwood is just......And a big thanks to Tucker Smith, he's actually in Florida right now, he's in the military but he paid for all this, the hall and everything so.... Benwood is amazing," said Aubree's mother ,Tracy Graham.

After her surgery, Aubree had to stay for three more weeks in the intensive care unit, but she has been released and is continuing her recovery at home.
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