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Thieves Target Wheeling Grandmother in Latest Phone Scam

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WHEELING. W.Va. - Thieves stole hundreds of dollars from a Wheeling resident when authorities say they pretended to be family during a phone scam.

Wheeling police said a woman filed a report stating that she was contacted by an individual portraying themselves as her grandson. 

The alleged "grandson" told the victim he had been involved in a crash in New Jersey and was going to be arrested for DUI. A second subject then got on the phone and advised the victim if she sent a moneygram in the amount of $650, her "grandson" would not go to jail.

Authorities said the victim obtained the moneygram and sent it to the individual who had called from New Jersey. Individuals advised that her "grandson" would be contacting her once he was released from the hospital for a broken nose caused by the crash and he would not be going to jail.

The victim contacted her grandson later and found that he was in Morgantown, WV and had never been in New Jersey.

Wheeling Police Department advise residents to beware of phone scams.

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