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Police Advise Homeowners to Use Caution After Several Reported Thefts

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Wheeling Police are advising homeowners to keep an eye out, after several thefts on Wheeling Island.

They said outdoor items like heavy duty tools have been taken.

Even though many were secured to the owner's homes by a chain and padlock, the thieves apparently brought along a bolt cutter and took what they wanted.

Houses involved in a construction or rehab project were big targets.

"Construction equipment obviously has a lot of value to it. It's easily resold to either another person, a friend or taken to a pawn store. We've had a number of ladders stolen, we've had some generators, power saws. We did have one ladder stolen on Virginia Street. The owner actually found his own ladder several houses down. It was actually propped up against another house," said Deputy Chief Marty Kimball.

In one case, the thieves took a power saw, an antique mantle, and several dog cages.

On Virginia Street, several bicycles have been taken.

And on North Erie Street, police said money and valuables were taken from unlocked cars.

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