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Interstate Crimes Land Two People Behind Bars

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New details on two stories we've been following that have become one, police said they caught two suspects red handed, driving a stolen car and they find themselves looking at a laundry list of charges.

Amanda Och and Robert Henry were booked into the Belmont County jail after being arrested following an incident at the Convenient in Shadyside, Tuesday evening.

This all stems from a situation we first reported on Tuesday, when Wheeling police had been contacted by a woman who lives on Wheeling Island who alleged that Och had stolen her car after a night of drinking,

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"When our patrol units responded to the address they spoke with the victim, they come back to the building, they generate a paper report that vehicle gets entered into NCIC, so if it is seen anywhere in the country, law enforcement is aware of it," said Sergeant Gregg McKenzie, of the Wheeling Police Department.

Shadyside police said; undercover officers with the West Virginia State Police first spotted the stolen 2006 Mazda MPV and followed as it traveled toward the village, all the while keeping in contact with police there to let them know it was headed their way. The car was stopped at the Convenient while eight Belmont County agencies came in to assist, because the people inside the car were thought to be armed and dangerous, "If we have charges pending against her now, we'll take care of our charges first, in other words, if she is back in our jurisdiction now, and West Virginia chooses to file charges over whatever happened over there, they would get her back when we're done with her," said Belmont County Prosecutor, Dan Fry.

According to Belmont County officials; The driver of the car, Amanda Och has a lengthy criminal history and was wanted on 5 outstanding failure to appear warrants stemming from Obstructing official business to theft charges. 

Henry also had two outstanding warrants out of Belmont County for failure to appear in court. During the arrest, he ran from police before being taken down about four blocks away from the convenient. 

Police now say they haven't found any evidence that leads them to believe the two were armed.

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