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Wheeling P.D. Releases Crime Report for 2015

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The Wheeling Police Department have released crime statistics for 2015, with some amazing results.

While some crimes are dramatically down, others are drastically up.

The report showed total calls where Wheeling Police officers responded are down a whopping 12% from the year before and total arrests are down 24%.

Chief Shawn Schwertfeger says its an impressive statistic because the number of police officers hitting the streets are down in the Friendly City.

"Quite honestly we have five or six vacancies in the Wheeling Police Department. You know, we are trying really hard to fill those vacancies," said Schwertfeger.

The report went on to show street level drug offenses are down 15%, but the chief says we can't assume drug use is down.

Schwertfeger added, "the Drug Task Force has separate data. Their data is not captured here. So that is not really a clear reflection as well as it reflects on our drug problem here in Wheeling."

Robberies were one crime that appeared to jump the most from the previous year, with an increase in cases of 101%, an area the chief pledged more support to.

Robberies are on the rise, like many small crimes, due largely to the increasing drug abuse in the region.

Another troubling statistic in the crime report showed forcible sex offenses are up 42%.

The chief believes increased awareness and reporting accounts for that, rather than any influx of sexual predators.

1,500 car crashes also occurred within the past year, most with one common factor, speed.

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