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Residents Concerned After Officer's Accidental Overdose

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The War Against drugs has reached a new level with an East Liverpool Officer accidentally overdosing while responding to a drug related call.

On Friday night, Chris Green and other East Liverpool Police were watching two men perform what they believed was a drug transaction.

After an arrest was made, Green searched the car wearing a mask and gloves.

When he got back to the station, another officer noticed he had white powder on his shirt. Green brushed it off, but an hour later, passed out.

Officials believe the white powder was Fentanyl, causing Green to overdose, unknowingly.

This has several members of the community worried.

"When you see these trained professionals, the police officers, and they do their best to help, but they also succumb to the affects of drug abuse as well, and it's sort of sad," said Mary Ann Pettibon, an East Liverpool resident.

"I really didn't understand that just by getting it on your clothing and brushing it off, that you could overdose like that. I thought you had to have it in a needle, or snort it or actually intend to use it," said Terry Welker, an East Liverpool resident.

Green was rushed to a local hospital after the incident where he was given three doses of Narcan. 

Wheeling Ohio County Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble said that the large number of Narcan needed is a "continuation of the problem that we are seeing."

"The Fentanyl, we don't know what level it is, how much it is, what quantity is in the product that someone bought or came across. And the the use of Narcan to revive someone, our standard two milligram worked at one point, but now we are seeing that we need to use higher doses or even a higher dose of Narcan," Gamble added. 

East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane says Officer Green is off work recovering. He has had a few headaches and chest pain, but overall, he's doing well.

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