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Group Prepares to Run Ogden for 41st Time

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The Ogden Marathon is set to take place on May 27th, and preparations are taking place and one group of men is getting ready for the 41st time.

They're called the Ironmen, and they have run hundreds of miles through the streets of Wheeling on Memorial Day Weekend, "I think we're all lucky that we're able to keep doing this because we have some great runners," said Ironman, Tim Cogan.
"Running the Ogden race is kind of an extra bonus. To have been able to do it, have been able to do it every year is kind of the cherry on top," said Ironman Pat Cronin.

They look forward to the Wheeling tradition every year, and some train extensively to prepare, "Don't run every day, but I average 45 to 50 miles a week," said Ironman Larry Jones.

They may not finish the race as fast as they used to, but that doesn't stop them, after all, they are making Wheeling history, "I just feel fortunate and blessed to have been able to do this for 40 years, shooting for 41," Cronin said.

They have those fun moments along the way to keep them going, "It's also fun with people pass you going up the hill cause you know you're going to pass them going down the hill," Jones said.
"it's great because you're out there on the course hearing your name, hearing people you know.., people have seen you for years. And being from Wheeling you know all these people," said Ironman Steve Habursky.

Not only are they looking forward to finishing this year's race, they hope to do it for another 9 times, "There's no question. They're trying to get this year done, and then 9 more, and they're already planning that," said Race Director, Bob "Scat" Scatterday. "And I'm am so, so proud that we still have at least 9 left out of the 15 now."

For some Ironmen, having the race on Memorial Day weekend just makes it a bit more special, "I'm a veteran so I focus on the guys that I serve with. Back in the day who didn't make it back from overseas, I kinda dedicate the race to them now. That's where it's gone." Habursky said.

The Marathon is May 27th, a week from this Saturday. If you would to participate in the race, log onto to register.

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