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Preliminary Hearing Held for Bellaire Murder

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It was a marathon preliminary hearing for the man charged with killing Brad McGarry in the basement of his home in Bellaire.

Testimony was presented for nearly three hours in Belmont County Eastern Division Court, held at the county jail courtroom.

And 30-year-old David Kinney of Brilliant, charged with murder, sat quietly looking down the entire time.

Officer Hank Martin of the Bellaire Police Department said David Kinney was so upset at Brad McGarry's murder scene, he was physically ill.

"He was having problems breathing and he vomited a couple times," said Officer Martin.

Martin read from Kinney's hand-written first statement, when Kinney was still claiming he was just a friend who was returning a weed-eater, who happened to find the body.

"We entered the house and looked in every room to see if he was there," Officer Martin read from Kinney's first statement. "I didn't see him so I told my wife to stay upstairs with my daughter. I went to the basement and walked around the corner and saw Brad laying face down in a puddle of blood."

In the coming days, officers said Kinney gave seven to eight statements, all vastly different.

Ryan Allar, chief of detectives of the Belmont County Sheriff's Department, then read Kinney's final statement, in which he admitted he shot Brad McGarry to death.

"I shot my best friend," Allar read from Kinney's final statement. "I'm so sorry it all happened the way it did."

Detective Allar said the two fatal bullets are .22 caliber.

He said Kinney described where he threw the gun, but despite exhaustive searches, it was never found.

McGarry was shot twice in the back of the head.

In the end of the preliminary hearing, Judge Albert Davies found probable cause to bind the case over to the grand jury.

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