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Unemployment Rate Drops In Northern Panhandle

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Last year, West Virginia made headlines as the only state with more people unemployed than employed, but now, there's good news for locals. 

Recent numbers have come out and two local counties saw a drop in unemployment.

In the past year, both Brooke and Hancock Counties saw almost a two-percent drop and officials say it's only the beginning.

Back in 2010, unemployment was over 13% in Brooke and Hancock counties, but thanks to the help of local officials, community members and more, that reality is changing.

Statistics show that West Virginia is training employees quicker and getting them into jobs faster, which in turn lowers the unemployment rate.

Business Development Corporation Director Pat Ford also says that thanks to the $320 million dollars invested over the past few years, the Valley has a healthy future in store.

"There are shovels in the ground, businesses are expanding, industries both national and internationally are moving into our area, and we are getting a broad spectrum of employment opportunities throughout the Ohio River Valley and that is just great new for Brooke and Hancock counties," Ford said.

Ford also believes that thanks to 2,500 jobs opening up over the past seven years, morale has been boosted. 

Now, people are inspired to help make a difference.

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