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Ohio Village Adds Traffic Cameras to Keep Residents Safe

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Traffic cameras are coming to Wellsville after Council unanimously approved adding them to catch people speeding.

Local officials say they are tired of people speeding in school zones and streets through town.

Their frustration led them to add brand new, photo-laser, speed enforcement systems to help make Wellsville a safer place.

With these new Blue Line cameras, police will be able to catch drivers speeding by capturing their speed, type of vehicle and license plate all on camera. The pictures are then uploaded onto a tablet and later transferred to local police.

Council members say they wanted drivers to face harsher penalties.

So now, drivers will be fined for going even just one mile per hour over the speed limit in school zones.

Wellsville residents have mixed feelings about the new cameras, but overall, many just want residents to stay safe.

Local residents say their biggest hope is that the cameras keep children safe from reckless drivers.

Officials say these new cameras will soon be put in place. Then, the village will have a 30-day trial period to see if they'll stay.

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