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Local Community Fights Back Against Drug Epidemic

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The community of East Liverpool is fighting back against the drug epidemic in the area, after the city took the national spotlight recently several times.

One event includes a couple overdosing and being found passed out in their car with a four year old in the back seat.

The other includes a police officer having to be revived with multiple doses of Narcan after getting Fetanyl on his uniform during a traffic stop. 

The Community Action Agency recently started a medical assisted treatment program. 

A program called MAT doesn't just give treatment to addicts, they give them counseling and meditation.

They also attend sober support groups and are linked with local AA groups.

"I think we're providing a fantastic service. In this area, there is a level of acceptance of drug use and so that sort of perpetuates it. We find, our patients talk about using drugs with their families, and parents, and things, and so it becomes sort of indoctrinated into the area, so we're working to address those issues," said Director of Behavioral Science, CAA Dr. Jill Hendrickson.

Dr. Hendrickson said heroin and prescription drugs are currently the biggest problems in Columbiana County, but the MAT program is starting to make a difference. 

The program started a year ago, and there are now eight people in it while several others are in the final phases.

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