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W. Va. Spay and Neuter Program Receives Funding

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Five years ago, West Virginia passed a spay and neuter bill to help decrease overpopulation within the mountain state.

Now, officials say they're finally receiving the funding they need.

Officials say the West Virginia Spay Neuter Fund and Program will assist local counties across the state, and could save them nearly $10 million annually in animal control costs.

The program is meant to educate pet owners and the general public about the importance of spaying and neutering animals to help decrease overpopulation, which Brooke County Animal Shelter Volunteer Steve Tennant says is a huge problem.

Just a few years ago, almost 50,000 animals came into shelters and about half never left, and that's a cost to tax payers.

"Every shelter in the valley is slammed with kittens right now, but it's goes way beyond just getting a cat spayed or neutered. It's a burden on the taxpayers and with the millions of dollars spent in animal centers in West Virginia each year, it could be freed up," Tennant said.

Tennant believes that people need to be educated on the importance of spaying and neutering animals, especially their cats.

Currently, shelters in West Virginia are completely overrun with cats, which Tennant says is a health problem and wastes tax dollars that could go towards other public services.

Under the new program, funding for shelters will be nearly $500,000.

And officials tell me this money won't come from tax payers, but rather from the pet food industry.

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