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Shadyside resident reflects on 27th anniversary of Wegee Creek flood

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Wednesday marks 27 years since one of the worst natural disasters to ever take place in the Ohio Valley.

26 people were killed during the Shadyside Flood of Wegee and Pipe Creeks.

Countless homes were destroyed beyond repair.

Those who witnessed the devastation say it truly was one of the worst things they have ever seen, including Ernest Brunner. 

Ernest was in his mobile home with his dog when he says he felt the home start to move. He says he looked outside and saw water everywhere, rapidly rising. He remembers that is when he thought he had to get out of the home or drown. 

"I jumped out of the mobile home, and the water was swift and it rolled me. All of a sudden, I caught myself with my feet. I raised up and I was about [chest high in] the water. The water went down and the neighbor's boy--he was about 16 years old--I told him to go inside my mobile home. I put my little chihuahua on the bed. He went in, came out and he had him. The water didn't get up on the bed," recalls Brunner. 

Ernest is a World War II veteran, and says his surviving the war and the Wegee Creek Flood were two great miracles in his life. 

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