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Former Amish Man Arraigned on Child Sex Charges

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A man who has already served time in prison for sex crimes against children was in Belmont County Court Thursday morning because more victims are now coming forward and accusing him of similar crimes.

Jacob Weaver entered not guilty pleas to all seven counts. This is the second time Weaver has faced charges of sex crimes against children, "Well we actually had a victim about ten years ago, that was a minor in the Amish community and at that time Mr. Weaver was part of the Amish community. He was actually convicted of sexually abusing a minor and served eight years in the penitentiary," said Belmont County Prosecutor, Dan Fry. 

He got out, although he's still on post release control, "Now since he's been out, two other victims have come forward, they have made similar allegations to the ones that we dealt with in 2007," Fry said.

The victims said the sex acts started when they were six and seven, and continued for years, "Some of the allegations involve even riding in the buggy when they were on their way to various locations he would allegedly molest them," said Fry.

The defense asked that Weaver be free on a recognizance bond, the judge said no, "I'm going to set his bond in the amount of $25,000," said Belmont County Common Pleas Judge, John Vavra.

If convicted, Weaver could get life in prison. His trial is set for July 25th.

A former member of the Amish community was arraigned in Belmont County court Thursday morning.

Jacob Weaver, 65, was arraigned on seven sex charges, including three counts of rape, two counts of gross sexual imposition, and two counts of sexual battery.

Officials have reported that the two victims involved in the latest charges were six and seven years old when it started.

Weaver recently served approximately eight years in prison for similar charges with another victim.

At the time, Weaver and the victims were members of the Amish community, but he is no longer.

His lawyer asked for Weaver to get a personal recognizance bond since he's 65, and a life-long resident of Belmont County.

Judge John Vavra denied the request, and the bond was set at $25,000.

"I mean we have rape charges here, we have gross sexual imposition, we have sexual battery which also involves a rape type incident. A recognizance bond in those type of charges is not appropriate whatsoever," said Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry. "Some of the allegations involved even riding in the buggy when they were on their way to various locations he would allegedly molest them during that time."

The victims are adults now, and have only recently come forward.

The defense made a motion to dismiss the charges, but it was overruled by Judge Vavra.

The judge said if Weaver should post bond, he can have no contact with the victims, and no contact with anyone under the age of 18.

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