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House, State Senate Divided Over W. Va. Budget Cuts

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Both the House of Delegates and Senate are back to work after the House passed a budget Wednesday evening.

The cuts the House wants to make are not as deep as the Senate's. 

The House wants to cut $15 million for higher education and fully fund the state's Medicaid health care for low income earners.

The Senate's bill cuts $33 million from higher education and $34 million from Medicaid.

This means both sides are sharply divided. 

"The higher education cuts and the Medicaid cuts. I believe that's going to be detrimental to our state, and I think that there's a better way that we can come up with a balanced budget," said State Sen. Glenn Jeffries.

"Now we have those decreasing revenues, we need to cut government back accordingly, especially when we have a decreasing population," said State Sen. Greg Boso.

As of now, the budget proposals are between $4.2 and $4.3 billion

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