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Ohio County K9s Visit Miracle League Camp

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Ohio County sheriffs visited one local summer camp to show off some dog tricks and visit the children.

The Miracle League camp at St. Vincent's School in Elm Grove is a special needs summer camp, and on Friday, they had one of the Ohio County K9 dogs come in and show the children some of its unique tricks.

The room was filled with applause and awestruck faces.

Staff workers say that the children just love it when community events like this happen.

"What's so special is you know our kids as soon as they know this is a police officer or a sheriff you know they will talk to them whether they known them through the school system because what's so special about the miracle league," said Founder and President Lorraine McCardle.

If you would like to have the Ohio County sheriffs at your community event, feel free to give them a call to their office.

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