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Local Healthcare Officials Meet with US Senator to Discuss ACA

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US Senator Joe Manchin spoke out about the Affordable Care Act, saying it needs to be repaired, not replaced.

The senator took part in a roundtable discussion on health care with officials from the City of Wheeling and The Health Plan. Senator Manchin said no one on either side claims the ACA is perfect.

He said it passed in 2009 when there was a Democratic majority in Congress, now he says the opposite is true.

Republican, now in the majority, are trying to push their their own replacement version, and he said it's not good.

"What's happening now and what I've seen on the table would be very devastating to the State of West Virginia. And I'm concerned. I mean there's an awful lot of repairs that can be done so if we can quit talking about repealing it like throwing the baby out with the bath water, and repair it, fixing the parts that need to be fixed, keeping the parts we all agree on which is pre-existing condition, younger people keeping on their parents', that should be the basis of repairing what's not working," said Senator Manchin.

Senator Manchin said he feels whenever you have a major policy change, it needs to have bi-partisan support.

He's willing and eager to sit down with his colleagues and work to fix it.

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