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Kids Learn Life Skills at Annual Wheeling Police and Fire Academy

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It's the 10th year for the Wheeling Junior Police and Fire academy.

The interactive week teaches kids the ins and outs of law enforcement, and some life saving skills, too.

Thirty kids heading into middle school are learning what it takes to be a Wheeling police officer or  fire fighter.

"So it is scary for people that don't see it everyday obviously we do it so it's really nothing for us," said Lt. Paramedic Jason Milton.

Lieutenant Paramedic Jason Milton's daughter Laykin is a graduate of the academy, and this year, she's back to help other kids learn life saving skills.

"My favorite thing that we learned was probably the bikes when you learned how to turn if you're going on the actual street you have to use hand signals," said Milton.

The kids get hands-on training in first aid treating minor cuts, broken bones, using a tourniquet, hiking, biking, and swimming safety, bullying prevention and even safety on the internet.

"In today's society especially with the electronics that are out there the electronic communications, we try to emphasize a little bit of training on that so that they can keep themselves out of trouble so they can make good decisions regarding that stuff," said Sgt. Don Miller, Wheeling PD.

About 10 officers volunteer throughout the week, making an impression on all the kids.

For Laykin, it gave her a new appreciation for Dad.

"It kind of helps me realize like what he goes through everyday and what he has to go through everyday," Milton said.

Sgt. Miller says the best part is seeing the kids learn a lot, and have some fun, too.

"Just knowing what to do in the case of an emergency, help us help you, you know what I mean, if that even involves just calling 911 and getting us there for you, then they've learned something," said Lt. Paramedic Milton.

The week is a collaboration between Ohio County Schools, Ohio County Sheriffs, Wheeling Police and Fire.

The kids will graduate this Friday.

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