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Wheeling Firefighter Dominates International Competition

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One of Wheeling's bravest not only competed, but dominated in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge representing team America in Germany.

In full structural firefighting gear, Wheeling Firefighter Brittany Hoffman ranked 1st in the individual women's competition of the firefighter challenge.

Hoffman trains hard, at her gym, Ohio Valley Crossfit, and on the job.

"I'll also do individual gear training I'll have my own gear i'll run stairs drag a dummy pull a hose," Hoffman said.

That hard work paid off, making Wheeling and the USA proud in early July while rising to the top of a grueling competition.

"Start off climbing up stairs about 5 floors with a high rise pack it's about 42-pounds. When you get to the top you drop that, lean over the edge and you hoist up another hose roll that's about the same weight another 42-pounds. Once you bring that up you run that all the way down, you hit a forceable entry simulator. Once your finished with that you run through some cones pull a hose and hit a target. And then once you're finish off with a 100-foot dummy drag that's 175-pounds," Hoffman said.

She says the intense training didn't just help her win, it helps her in Wheeling, too.

 "The challenge helps tremendously with the job because you need to be fit and active to be a firefighter, that's what our job entails, and to be a good firefighter you have to be in good shape," said Hoffman.

 She says she feels lucky to have the support of her fellow firefighters 100-percent.

"They're proud you know but of course they've got to give everybody a hard time," Hoffman said.

Brittany says Worlds is in Louisville in October and she says she hopes to be competing there next.

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