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St. Clairsville Urology Doctor Faces Charges Of Drug Trafficking

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The doctor whose logo was "vasectomy dot com" is now facing criminal charges.

Authorities say he was distributing drugs that had nothing to do with his practice.

Dr. Rodney Curtis of St. Clairsville is charged with three counts of trafficking in drugs, and two counts of possession.

Authorities say he was selling adderrall and suboxone out of his home.

"Neither one of those drugs would be a drug that he would typically prescribe to anybody," said Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry. "So in other words, there was no reason for him to have those drugs."

And because those transactions were out of his home, he may lose that home.

"If he's found guilty, and if the court finds that his home was in fact used in the commission of a felony drug offense, it's subject to forfeitures in the State of Ohio," Fry explained.

In Belmont County Common Pleas Court, attorneys for both sides agreed to allow the doctor to remain free on personal recognizance bond.

"He shall have curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.," said Judge Frank Fregiato. "He shall not imbibe in alcohol or any drugs of abuse. He's to report any change of address. He's subject to random testing for drugs and alcohol."

Officials said the doctor is recovering from open heart surgery.

They also confirm his practice on National Road is closed, and the property is facing foreclosure.

It's a glaring example of the possible consequences of alleged drug trafficking.

"So now he's lost his practice," said the prosecutor. "The medical board is involved with us in the prosecution of this case. So my assumption is when we're done with him with the criminal charges, the medical board will do whatever they deem to be appropriate."

If convicted, Dr. Curtis could reportedly get a maximum sentence of five and a half years in prison.

The trial is set for September 28.

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