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School Bus Routes Changes Due To Flood Damaged Roads

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It's no secret Flood waters destroyed parts of the Ohio Valley, but the effects continue to be felt weeks after. Officials are saying flood damage may trigger a change for your kids as they head back to school. So far the changes that have been made are in Ohio and Marshall counties.

According to transportation officials, several roads had slipped away, making it hazardous for the busses to travel through, and safety is their number one priority. In Ohio county, this will affect the school district of Steenrod Elementary, Triadelphia Middle, and Wheeling Park High School. So far, there are two routes changed in Ohio county, and a few routes in Marshall county.

Dave Smith, the Transportation Director for Marshall Co. Schools, said, "Benwood and McMechen are the worst two hot in our county. We do have Fish Creek Road has some slips. Lynn Camp area has 2 to 3 slips there that are being fixed."

David Ziegler, the Transportation Manager for Ohio Co. Schools, said, "There is a pretty good slip at the top of Springdale which limits our bus to only go as far as Pinewood drive, so the kids will have to meet at Pinewood drive and will have to come back down the hill and back up to the high school. The other road that is affected is Battle Run Road. We will not be traveling Battle Run Road until some repairs are made."

They are currently still assessing other road conditions, and may add on other bus route changes before the school year starts next week. Marshall county should finalize all their bus route changes by this Friday evening and will contact those that are affected.

7news will be sure keep you updated with any additional changes as well.

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