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WTRF urges people "Don't Text and Drive"

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Texting alone is a pretty distracting thing to do, but adding a vehicle into the situation turns it deadly.

"The text can wait."

Eleven teens die daily due to texting while driving. An AAA poll shows 94% of teen drivers know how dangerous it is, but 35% admitted to doing it anyway. Here in the Ohio Valley, the students take those numbers seriously.

"If you text and drive you're not only putting yourself in danger, you're putting the other person," said Bellaire High School Senior Alex Street. "Imagine if you were to get in accident and maybe harm the other person."

"Texting and driving makes it more likely to get into an accident, it distracts you from the driving tasks," Wheeling Park High School Senior Harry Weeks said. "All in all, the more focused the driver is the better it is for everyone on the road."

We constantly have to cover these kinds of accidents, and some of those are fatal. Which is why we feel like getting the message to end texting and driving is so important.

"It breaks our heart to have to cover those, and a lot of times, it may not even be texting, but a phone was involved," 7News anchor Tessa DiTirro joined the teens in pushing this message. "But texting is something you feel like 'oh I can get away with it,' you know I can send a quick 'hey, on my way,' or something like that. And you never know when it's going to cost you your life."

The students featured in our "Don't Text and Drive" commercial, don't only talk the talk, but they feel the NEED to walk the walk.

"Driving's already scary, but I just think that it's the safest thing to do, and my priority is to get to where I need to be going," said Weeks. "That just makes it harder for me to do that."

"Every time I get in a car with someone I have them put it down or yell at them to put it down or turn it off," Bridgeport High School Senior Lauren Neer tells 7News. "My life is more important than a phone."

Ending texting and driving is even more important for teen drivers because they're 4x more likely than adults to get into car crashes using their phones.

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