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Unique Bed And Breakfast is Open for Business in Wellsburg

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The Barn With Inn is an old converted barn and farmhouse, owned and operated by a veterinarian and a retired college professor. Their guests can commune with a lot of rescued animals, everything from horses and goats to dogs and cats.

There's a sparkling blue salt water swimming pool, and flower gardens are everywhere.

One guest room is in the farmhouse, while the other two are in the barn. One they have named "The Loft" was actually the old hay loft.

"It has its own private bathroom and a really large sitting area and it has its own little balcony overlooking the butterfly garden," said Chatman Neely, innkeeper.

Downstairs, there's a suite called "The Horse Stall" because that's what it once was.

"It has a really nice front porch that looks over some of the livestock pens as well as a little shade garden," Neely noted.

There are porches on all sides. There are tents and areas for hosting dinners, reunions and showers.

And there's even the occasional cat. Actually, 14 cats. There are also seven dogs, two miniature horses, a few goats and donkeys.

"He's something else," Neely says, pointing to one goat. "His name is Festus."

There are also four pot belly pigs. One named Cooper will meet you at the gate.

"He's our ambassador," says Dr. Harry Sanford, innkeeper. "He loves visitors. And he's quite a character."

"You know, as Harry said, Cooper is our goodwill ambassador," agreed Neely. "But he's also our marketing director. We use him to remind people he's going to live 15-16 years, he's going to need a lot of space and a particular kind of food."

All their animals are rescues, many from Harry's veterinary practice.

"I try to take in animals that are particularly needy and give them a good opportunity to have some happy years," he said.

The free-range hens provide eggs for the farm-to-table breakfast they serve, using many vegetables from their own extensive gardens.

Their oldest hen, Reba, rolled in the dirt of their flower bed, taking her daily dust bath.

"Happy chickens, happy eggs, happy guests!" said Neely.

Guests can interact with the animals, but the rule is: no junk food.

"We encourage our guests, but we give them pieces of zucchini or carrots or apples that we've chopped up," he explained.

It's a working farm with gardens, fields, hay to mow and bale, and animals to feed.

But it's an elegant restful inn as well.

"So people get to hang out on a farm that's really wonderful with the pool and the pond and the hiking paths but also every day there's some type of activity that needs to be done to keep it functioning," Neely noted.

Functioning indeed. The Barn With Inn is a unique combination of hospitality to people and kindness to animals in need.

It's also open for weddings, bridal or baby showers and dinners with farm-to-table fare.

For more information, you can call (304) 737-0647.

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