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Marshall County School Officials Deal with Structure Crack Rumors

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Rumors have been swirling about alleged cracks forming in the floors at Cameron High School.

Cracks supposedly so significant that students might not be safe there. On Thursday, school officials decided to clear the air and the floors by inviting us in to see for ourselves.

The rumors indicated they might have to bus the students to other buildings in the district.

 Rumors claimed there's a giant crack in the gym floor, some said five inches wide and others said worse than that.

"I know we've heard there's a large crack approximately a foot wide," said Marshall County Schools Superintendent, Jeffrey Crook.

There is no crack in the gym floor, not even a scratch, In fact; it is pristine, and polished to a high gloss. There are cracks in the floor in other parts of the school. School Officials said the school that opened five years ago is settling. The worst spot is where one of the library doors is sticking.

"Well, there's a door that's difficult to close or open," Crook said.

So the library is limited to 25 occupants until they get it fixed, which they said will be done by next Thursday when school starts.

There is, however; the occasional crack in the hallway.

"This particular crack actually occurred just after construction. It's not very significant at this time," said Maintenance Director, Ron Blatt.

So how did these rumors get started? "You gotta love social media!" said Crook.

Teacher, Lisa Leichliter said, "I think people are bored and they just need something to talk about. I know there was a lot of friction with some people with our getting the new school anyway, and anything that they can say negatively about it, they're going to."

The Principal, Jack Cain said, "Everything kind of gets blown out of proportion. I'm not sure how the rumors got started but as you see here today, we're ready for the first day of school."

They even called in the state fire marshal.

"The integrity of the building is still intact and it's still a great and beautiful school," Crook reassured official said he gave them the all-clear to start the school year.

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