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A&B Kia Continues to Give Back to the Community After Flooding

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The city of McMechen received some exciting news Friday morning as one local business presented the Mayor with a check for thousands of dollars as the city continues to rebuild.

McMechen Mayor Gregg Wolfe said the city is still a work in progress. Every time another street is cleaned up, another family has more debris and damage they need help with.

That's why A&B Kia in Benwood stepped in to do what they can for their neighbors.

Michael Ferns Senior said it has been hard to see the good people of McMechen experience such devastation.

"We drove down through town, we saw a lot of our plates down there and we knew it was the right thing to do for our area," Ferns Sr. said.

McMechen Mayor Gregg Wolfe said he is grateful the money came directly to the city so they have control of how they help their residents.

"We're forming a committee right now that is going to make the decisions on it. We're waiting to hear from FEMA whether they're going to take us in or not, and we're also going to have to wait and see what they cover so we can make a wise decision on how to use the money," said Mayor Wolfe.

The mayor said the entire Ohio Valley has been generously giving to the city, but many residents still don't even have basic needs.

"For the residents, I'm sure it's just getting their lives back together, I mean the only things they had you know that makes life easy, hot water tanks, washers, dyers, there's all kinds of things, things that were lost, and for families that might be tough to recover from," Mayor Wolfe said.

Ferns said his business is committed to giving back, especially in their own community.

"Normally, you know maybe it's not so close to home, but this time it was so it gave us an opportunity to help out here," Ferns said.

Wolfe said it's amazing to watch residents in McMechen rebuilding together, even stronger than before.

"It's the closest I've seen that town together in many, many years. I hope it continues."

There is another way you can support McMechen.

On August 27th, A&B Kia is teaming up with Main Street Bank and Wesbanco for a night of hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and entertainment at their ballroom.

All proceeds will be donated to the city, and tickets are $50. You can purchase the tickets at A&B, and both banks.

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