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Traveling Soon? Here are Some Tips to Ensure Safe Travels

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As summer winds down, many families are still about to take a vacation. So, Uniglobe Ohio Valley Travel has some tips to ensure safe travels.

Uniglobe says that, when you renew your drivers license, be sure to choose the federal version of the license, rather than the state.

Even though it's a few dollars more, they say the federal license will be required starting next year, in order to fly anywhere, even within the United States. Also they say, keep your money, medications, cards, documents and jewelry in your purse or carry-on, not in your luggage, since your luggage can be lost.

"When you're traveling out of the area, you definitely want to let the credit card or debit card company know you're going to be out. That way you're not gonna be on vacation and they have cut off access to your credit card and you have to worry about while you're on  vacation getting it turned back on because that's just a hassle you don't want to deal with," said Jenna Bickford, Travel Consultant.

"When it says phone number on your luggage tag, put your cell number on there because you're not home if they would happen to try to get in touch with you. Also, I suggest making a copy of the luggage tag and putting it on a sticky piece of paper inside your luggage in case your luggage tag comes off," said Judy Lawhead, Manager of Uniglobe.

If you're traveling overseas or even extensively in this country, make a copy of your travel itinerary and your passport and give it to a family member.

Wear comfortable shoes that slip on and off easily on travel days.

And of course, get to the airport early.

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