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Group of Small Business Owners Band Together to Strengthen Local Economy

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If you're looking to plan any event, big or small and don't know where to turn to get everything done, there is now a new group in the Ohio Valley here to help.

They're called WV Event Pros and they're made up of small business owners from all over the Ohio Valley. The group gathered Tuesday evening at Cress/Gilson Photography studio to talk about ways they can come together and help people with their event planning needs.

If you need a magician, they have one, and if you need a caterer, they have one, and the list goes on,  "I have so many clients and they say 'well who can bake a cake, and what photographer, what DJ, etc, etc, and to have a group of people that you know and trust to be able to give their name out is huge, because I'm not going to give out information on somebody that I don't know anything about," said Bob Bailey, Owner of As You Like It Catering.

"We're working together to pull everybody together to give information to provide a professional service," said Stacy Gilson, owner of Hello Gorgeous.

Members say it's a one-stop-shop group for all your planning needs. Any small business owner who would like to get involved is invited to do so and the group will hold their next meeting on October 17th at As You Like it Catering located at 214 18th Street in Wheeling at 5:30 p.m.

When you support locally owned businesses, a larger percentage of the money you spend stays in your local economy.

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