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Sandy O' Haver Day of Caring

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The Sandy O' Haver Day of Caring sent nearly 300 people to five different counties in the Ohio Valley to paint, clean and help however they could. But, it's all to kick-off the 2017-2018 United Way Campaign.

The United Way is working to strengthen the health, education, and financial stability for our local areas. So, with Wednesday's Day of Caring they had volunteers focus on one thing, community. 28 companies, a university and two high schools had volunteers show up to take part in today's event. And they tell us this a great way for them to help give back.

"I'm happy to be hear today at W.A.T.C.H. helping to paint their lobby to make a better place for their clients," said volunteer Camille Basinger.

"I am enjoying it a lot," said Wheeling Central Senior, volunteer Isaac Basinger. "Just being able to help out in the community's always great."

Bordas and Bordas gave back in another way Wednesday. Well, in 10,000 ways as they started off the United Way campaign this morning by donating $10,000.

"United Way has the opportunity to fund the needs of people, businesses, and other things that perhaps we as individuals may not, and they can bundle money and perhaps make a bigger difference than perhaps one individual or one business can," said Jim Bordas.

The volunteers know without them, this wouldn't be possible, "For many people services can't be accomplished with out other people volunteering to help," Camille Basinger said.

The Day of Caring all began around 8 a.m. with motivational speeches, breakfast and our own 7news anchor Rachael Dierkes MCed the event.

There are still ways for people to help by donating food, clothing, toys or anything people may need to your local social service organization.

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