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Local Legislators React to Road Bond Passage

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Some local legislators are reacting to the passage of the road bond. 

Republican State Senator Dr. Mike Maroney said he is pleased with the result and that the state should see an economic boost as a result.

He says the state needs to make sure that West Virginia workers are being hired wherever possible.

In his district, a major project he hopes to see is the widening of Route 2 to four lanes in southern Marshall and Wetzel Counties. 

He also said the allocation of this $1.6 billion bond to repair major roads and bridges allows for other monies to be spent on secondary roads.

"Even though a potential secondary road isn't earmarked for this $1.6 billion, bigger projects are getting completed with that money, and there's more money in the pot to fix secondary roads. The answer is we will see a lot of improvements in secondary roads, or at least we should. That's going to be our job to make sure we stay on top of this and they follow through," said Senator Maroney. 

Democrat Representative Shawn Fluharty agrees, saying he is glad the bond passed. 

He said what is most important is that the state government keeps its promises. 

"This is one where we have to live up to our word and make sure now that two things happen. One: West Virginia jobs for West Virginians. Two: The money is spent wisely. This is taxpayer money, and we can't have a situation where we promise all these road projects and only a few happen. We must deliver. The government must deliver on their promises," said Rep. Fluharty. 

The Governor has called for a special legislative session. Fluharty says you can expect discussion about updating the West Virginia Jobs Act to ensure it will be properly enforced as the road construction projects begin.

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