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Cody The Dog Will Have Tumor Removed

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There are some heartwarming developments in the case of Cody, the dog discovered in Belmont County, tied to an abandoned trailer and suffering from a large tumor on his head.

A Go-Fund-Me account has now raised $2,005 for Cody's surgery.

But in the meantime, Dr. Karl Yurko, DVM, has said he will do the surgery for free.

Cody, the large white boxer mix, will have his surgery tomorrow.

He has already been taken to KEY Animal Hospital in Wheeling, and the generous donations for his veterinary care will not go to waste.

Officials said even with the surgery being free, Cody may have medical needs that extend beyond that.

"Just depending on once they go in there and see how deep it is and that, there may be other issues," noted Dog Warden Lisa Williams. "We may use all the money for Cody. But if not, we wanted to make everybody aware that it would still be used for animals in Belmont County with special medical needs."

"What we'll do is, once he's fully recovered, we'll use the rest of that funding specifically for any animal that comes to the shelter with medical needs, that's been abused or neglected." said Justin Goundry of St. Clairsville, who started the online Go Fund Me account.

Lisa Williams said she has sorted out the major players in Cody's life story, even though they kept a low profile.

The dog was apparently owned by one person, but cared for by another.

"Well, when a dog is licensed to one person and another person is taking care of it, and it's at  a different location, that usually doesn't end well," Williams said. "If you have a dog licensed, it should be on your property, under your care, so you know what's going on with it."

The report stemming from her investigation is now in the hands of the Belmont County prosecutor.

Williams said despite Cody having a rough life and a large tumor, he is actually energetic and healthy now at the Belmont County Animal Shelter.

"He's a very strong older man," said Williams with a smile. "He's very smart. He can read people pretty well. And he might need a good retirement home down the road, you never know!"

They expressed gratitude to all the donors and to Dr. Karl Yurko.

We'll keep you informed about Cody's progress.

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