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Protestors Calling For Brooke County Superintendent to Resign

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A packed Board of Education meeting in Brooke County after recent controversy caused by a "Trump Perry" sign at the Brooke vs. Perry football game.

This was the first board of education meeting since the incident at that football game, and people from both sides of the issue expressed their thoughts.

"I respectfully request that the superintendent step down as well as the board members." Many protestors are calling for Superintendent Tony Shute to resign, holding signs outside the Board saying "Trump Shute".

Others spoke out about how they think the Board incorrectly handled the situation, they believe the board should issue another apology to the students.

"I think a formal apology should be issued to the students and probably the community of Brooke County. They will never make a news letter or combination, but at least it'll be a lesson of practicing what to preach because a lot of people in this County are offended whether intentionally or not by the apology."

The Board started off with a statement reiterating that the "Trump Perry" sign did not mean to offend anyone, but it did.

Brian Ferguson, board member on the Brooke County Board of Education, "When we offend, even though it was not the intent, we apologize."

Parents, recent graduates of Brooke, and a few others spoke out about how they feel about the sign. "I love the fact that your showing patriotism, but please show the students the same thing. They did nothing wrong."

"Repeatedly I asked one of the custodians 'Can you go over there and have that sign taken down.' He went, he came back to me. They said they feel nothing is wrong. Well you know what, I do."

"You couldn't understand where we're coming from when we are offended immediately by a sign like that. You don't walk in our shoes everyday. You don't know what it's like to live in Brooke County and be called out of vein for no reason."

As of now, no resolutions have been made.

We'll be sure to keep you updated with any new details.

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