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West Liberty University Opens New Convenient Store

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Another big plus for the West Liberty campus. Tuesday was the grand opening of their new convenient store, Bear Necessities.

You can buy slushies, ready-made sandwiches, snacks, milk, and even make your own custom salad. They also sell other goods like toiletries and dinnerware. The idea and name of the store was actually requested and created by the students.

The store has been open this semester, and so far, it's been a great hit. Doug Orr, the General manager for Sodexo, said, "Dr. Greiner has been saying ever since Day 1 that we really need a convenient store on campus, and it's just a perfect fit for our students." Dr. Stephen Greiner, WLU President, said, "Yeah I think that's what students were saying to us is that they would rather have something here on campus if we could rather than having to drive to Downtown for these items."

The store is open until 10:30 at night on weekdays, and limited hours on weekends. Students can even use their campus dollars at the store.

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