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Ohio Issue Two Is A Still A Mystery To Many Voters

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As the November election approaches, political ads for and against Issue Two are ramping up.

But the biggest challenge for both sides is to get voters to at least understand it.

"I honestly don't even know what Issue Two is," said Kelsey Zimcosky of Yorkville.

"Right now, I'm not really sure," added Jon Renforth of East Liverpool.

"It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma!" said Mark Thomas, Belmont County Commission president."

Here's the quick version;

Issue Two would require the State of Ohio to buy pharmaceuticals at the same discounted price that the Department of Veterans Affairs gets.

If you have your own health insurance or of you get insurance through your job, this does not apply to you.

It only affects the State of Ohio buying drugs for Medicaid and Workers Comp patients.

Those pushing for the issue are saying that if you vote yes, your prescription costs will go down.

"And that's not the case." said Thomas. "Unless you're getting them from the state. And 65% of Ohioans are not getting their drugs from the state."

And will the State of Ohio be able to find out what the VA's discount price is?

"The question becomes is the federal government going to be open to the State of Ohio in telling about its business?" said Thomas. "Nobody knows that."

And will the big drug companies take this lying down?

"Will they just absorb any reduced price they'd have to give?" said Thomas. "Or would they pass that on to the people that are paying in the private sector? There's an argument there."

We all want lower prescription prices.

Issue Two is aimed at doing that.

But it's now in the hands of the voters.

"I think I need to do some more reading on it," said Jon Renforth. "It's very complex. So I want to get all the facts before I head to the polls."

"I'm going to do some more research on it, and hopefully form a solid opinion and then go out and vote," said Kelsey Zimcosky.

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