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Door-to-door Salesmen Causing Alarm in Local Neighborhood

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Homeowners in Wheeling say a group of door-to-door salesmen are causing alarm in the neighborhood.

They say one person bangs on the door and does the talking, while a carload of others, parked outside, join in the heckling.

Robert Slyder said it was 7:30 Saturday evening, completely dark outside, when they came to his house.

He said the man on the porch had a bottle in his hands, and claimed that he wasn't actually selling anything.

Slyder said he made it clear he had no intention of buying.

But the so-called "salesman" and his friend ramped up the talk and turned angry.

"I told him it was time for him to leave and then he got real defiant. I got firm with him. And then the automobile that was in front of my house with his other colleagues started heckling me, and then invited me to come up on the street. And then they started videotaping me," said Slyder.

"If you think things are not going right or you're not happy, simply thank them for their time and close the door.  And lock it behind you. Should they become aggressive, please call us, and we'll be happy to come out and talk to those particular individuals. Maybe they're scammers, maybe they're legitimate businessmen. We don't know unless we talk to them," said Deputy Chief Marty Kimball.

Slyder said some neighbors came around, and the carload of "salesmen" left.

He said they had the logo of a well-known vacuum sweeper company on their vehicle, but he believes they were scammers, not real salesmen.

Deputy Chief Kimball said if you don't know the person at your door, don't feel compelled to open it.

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