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Nailers Game Packed Full Of Students For Education Day

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You always hear learning is fun, and today that's exactly the case as students from all over the state converged on Wesbanco arena. The Wheeling Nailers call it Education day, a time when students and teachers get a chance to enjoy a great hockey game.

On Tuesday, Wesbanco arena was packed full of excited young fans and this is considered one of the arena's loudest events of the year.

Get loud and get proud. That's exactly what the students and teachers did at the Wheeling Nailer's game Tuesday afternoon. Matt Rosen, the Nailers Ticket Sales Manager, said, "I can tell you one thing. This is above any normal day. This is top of the line right here. It's crazy, I can tell you that."

The Nailers partner up with schools all across the Ohio Valley every year for this event, and well how could you say no to a hockey game? "A lot of schools circle this on their calendars every year. They make sure it's on there, and they make sure they get on the list before. Some schools call us in February going on next year, so it's a pretty popular game. Schools really jump onboard really quick," Rosen says.

And going to a hockey game instead of school? How can any kid say no to that!  When asked what their favorite part of the game was... Tessa Tortella, an 8th grader at Sherrard, said, "I have to say I like the fights." Shemaella Rivera, an 8th grader at Sherrard, said, "It's just the vibe, like it's really happy but loud though."
And since not many children get the chance to go to a hockey game, this was a great way to give back to the community. Rosen said, "A lot of these kids haven't been to a hockey game before, so it's a way for us to bring hockey to them in a way for them to enjoy it. There's a lot of families out there that can't really afford to come to a game, so it's a way for them to come and enjoy the game for themselves."

The final score of that game was a Nailers Win 6 to 4.

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